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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friendly Reviewers

I thought I was being really smart. I gave my first 50(ish) pages of my book to 3 of my closest friends asking them for honest feedback (and actually meaning it) to figure out if I needed to scrap the whole idea or maybe just make some serious revisions. NOW, they're all telling me to get up off my behind and get it finished. I think I may have made a mistake . . .

Probably not though. I have great friends who, I think, gave me some honest feedback. One of them is even going to give it to a girlfriend of hers to read. I'm really interested to hear what she has to say, because I don't even know her. She has no reason at all to be nice or to lie to me.

I think I might have started off all wrong with this book though. I had the beginning of this story in my head for months before I decided to put it all onto paper, when I finally did the first 30 pages just rushed out of me. Now, I sit and struggle almost every single time to get a scene onto paper. I read it and reread it and think it's crap, so I toss it and start all over again. The other dilemma I have is that I didn't create any character profiles. I just had the characters in my head and put it all into the story. Now I can't remember what color somebody's eyes were or if they had red hair or brown hair. So I'm having to go back and reread what I've already written and create character profiles so the next time I have this problem I can just look at my notes. I like to think that normally I'm much more organized than this. It's probably not true, but I like to think it anyway.

On an entirely separate subject, I e-mailed Kathleen Long to find out where to get her book When A Stranger Calls (because I'm a super big dork and didn't read the home page and went straight to the book page) and she e-mailed me back. Aside from feeling incredibly stupid for not reading the information that she so obviously put on her home page, I was really grateful for the information. I'm always surprised when an author responds to either a comment on their blog or an e-mail I send out. I guess I figure they are very busy being brilliant and have little time to respond to the general population. While this may be true with some authors, it is not the case with the ones that I read. How cool is that? Apparently the Harlequin Intrigue books are only in stores for the month that they are released. I did not know this so I thought I would share the information. But if you read the excerpt and you are interested, and Barnes & have it available.


  • Give yourself permission to write crap! The internal editor will kill you and your story!

    By Blogger Karin Tabke, at 12:30 AM  

  • Thank goodness for that, cause I know I write a lot of crap that gets rewritten and rewritten and sometimes just thrown away. Thanks for the advice, not only is it needed, but it's always appreciated.

    By Blogger Ktzmom, at 9:32 PM  

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