Do I Have To Do This?

Thursday, April 27, 2006


So here's the thing, I was reading the reviews for Nicholas Evan's latest book The Divide, and I don't know how I would handle the reviews that he has received so far. They basically say, it's a great book until you get the middle and then it becomes boring and long winded with some marshmallow fluff to follow. They all praise his book The Horse Whisperer (one of my personal favorites) so I guess that's something, but here is what concerns me as a wannabe writer. He (Nicholas Evans) says on his website that he thinks this is the best book he's written so far. In all fairness I haven't read this book yet, but after checking out the reviews I'm not sure I want to. I probably will because curiosity will get the better of me, but I guess I'm just wondering, as a writer are we tone deaf to our own writing?

Then I check out Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer's blog and Jennifer Crusie says that Amazon reviews are not to be taken seriously. I think it takes an established successful writer to be able to blow bad reviews off, or maybe I'm just really thin skinned. I haven't decided yet.


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